This Is Who We Are

Freedom, Truth, & Family

An Introduction

Free Life Church is a non-denominational community of believers. We aim to know and worship God in freedom and truth, and to encourage others to live and operate in the fullness that God intended for us. You can find out more about our Vision, Values, and Beliefs below. Join us on a Saturday night to experience what we are all about. We hope to see you soon!

Why Freedom, Truth, & Family?


We believe that true freedom is only found in a relationship with God and He is the ultimate source of faith, hope and love. We desire to see each member of our community living in the freedom that was purchased for us on the Cross.


We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ultimate good news, and we desire to see people live the full and unique lives that God has created them to live. We believe God’s grace, through the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, justifies us and transforms our lives.


FLC is not just a church. We are a community of believers sharing life together as family. We support each other through prayer and friendship. We look forward to getting to know you and adding you to our church family.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Clayton and Jen Grenfell

Clayton and Jen devoted their lives to serving Jesus, advancing His Kingdom, and serving people. Jen led the Youth Group at FLC when she was still a teen, then became a part of the deacon leadership team in 2008. Clayton began full time ministry in 2004 at New Covenant Church Bryanston in Johannesburg, South Africa. He arrived in Leesburg, VA in 2007 and has served on the eldership team since 2008. Clayton and Jen married in 2011 and now have two children.

Guy and Tracey de Blank

Guy and Tracey are all about the freedom that is found in Jesus Christ. They have held leadership positions in a number of denominational and non-denominational churches over the past eighteen years. They came to Free Life in 2007 where they have served in numerous capacities. They have four children, ages 26 to 17, and live in Hamilton, Virginia.

Duane and Marie Kobayashi

Duane and Marie came to FLC during its earliest days in 2003. They have served the church in many capacities and have been on the eldership team since 2004. They have four children and live in Reston, Virginia.

Kevin and Katie Pool

Kevin and Katie are passionate about community and God’s design for the church to be family. They came to Free Life in 2008 where they met, later married, and served in numerous capacities. They have three children and live in Leesburg, VA.

Our Deacons

Tommy and Carly Carothers
Glenn and Talley Hess
Roger and Kerry Cressey
Mark and Marcia Malloy
Beth Miller
Andrew and Michelle Ralph
Barbara Watkins

Our Vision

ENCOUNTER-EQUIP-ENGAGE. The Vision of Free Life Church is to create a culture for people to experience and ENCOUNTER God, to EQUIP and disciple people as they grow in their relationship with Him, and to walk in their God given purpose. We desire to see all believers intentionally ENGAGE their FLC family, their community, and our world with the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

ENCOUNTER His Presence, His Person and His Power

God is a loving Father who desires relationship with us more than we do with Him. The work of Jesus Christ on earth made a way to restore us back to an open and real relationship with God. Through all the ups and downs of life, we need constant connection with our Father.

“…how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.” – Luke 11:13b

We Encounter Him…

1. In Our Lives: We believe an encounter changes our hearts and minds. The first and greatest experience is our salvation, but it doesn’t end there. God has given us His Spirit to teach us how to walk with Him in our daily lives and be transformed into the image of Christ.
2. In Our Services: Our services are structured around the desire for God’s presence, not just man’s programs.
3. In Our Worship: We have a passion for worship as “God inhabits the praises of his people” – Ps 22:3

EQUIP for the work of the ministry…

We have a vision for God’s people to grow in strength, stability and maturity. We believe this happens when there are multiple avenues of discipleship beyond the Saturday meeting such as Life Groups, Bible studies, topical courses, and intentional relationships.

Give attention to reading, exhortation & doctrine…be diligent in these matters…meditate on these…that your progress may be evident to all.” – 1 Tim 4

A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone who is perfectly trained [equipped] shall be like his teacher. ” – Luke 6:40

ENGAGE each other, our community, and our world

We desire to see believers intentionally engage with others in their church family and build relationships.

We believe in engaging with our community through outreach and ministry as well as learning to fulfill the Great Commission in our everyday lives.

Our Values & Core Beliefs

While the vision tells us what God has called us to do as a church, our values tell us exactly how we are to go about it. Our values address issues of character, faith, leadership style, and heart.

Click here to download a PDF of our Values & Core Beliefs

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Where To Find Us

Evergreen Church (Saturday Night)
19615 Evergreen Mills Rd

Church Property (Office & Mid-week Meetings)
41318 Shreve Mill Rd